Friday, June 19, 2015

Brief note—

Back in 2008, and specifically before I first got out of the joyous puddle that Colombia is, I used to be a bit into the new age thing. I was pretty much an INFPish, or at least had the traits of one. All was about organic stuff, colors, music, the arts and so on. I was the sunlight-absorbing type, grew my hair much longer and was often in a mesmerized state with respect to nature and music. The future didn't bother me as much and I had the passion flames of a train in full throttle. I listened to Yes and Jon Anderson and Vangelis while being softhearted and, ironically, ignoring the world at the same time. I would also pay attention to mushroom-eating topics such as the 'planetary transition' or the 'fifth season' while swimming in sheer idealism (now I don't do these things). However eccentric, those days had a sense of inner calm that nowadays is so difficult to get -- and we're only talking about seven to eight years ago. Sometimes it feels like it's been a hundred years. Now the general feeling is that of a train —a fancy train, that is, since that I have become— running at high speed into, who knows, a flatland? a promontory?