Monday, January 11, 2016

Changes in the brain circuitry

Don't have much time now to write a wall of text but these are some important changes in my internal circuitry:

  • Travel is no longer my main goal. It's still ok but not the priority anymore. 
  • I spend way more time thinking about furniture, home improvement, style, healthy food, hobbies and Benjamin Franklin's virtues than on where I'm going to travel next. 
  • I would, in fact, make a good husband and a dad even though right now I'm not ready for it. But thinking of myself as a 'dad' is no longer scary. So I'm likely adding wife and kid to my mid 30's timeline by the time I'm a doctor! My advisor did the same and it turned out just fine.  
  • That I am motivated by relevance, not by fame
  • More living, less explaining
  • Plan has it that I will have a bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees at the age of thirty one.
  • My overall debt is $0 
  • I do excercise everyday