Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Unconventional" behavior and preferences?

I want to make a list of this one (I like organizing stuff, and I like to see things itemized)

  • Studying math for 16 years to learn that the speed of the beach breeze is just V(t)=∫v rdrdθ
  • Feeling good having pizza with friends until you realize there's an endless party right after (that includes social jibber jabber and phonecalls to meet with the others AND also choose the place of the party. Hail a cab and run home to recharge and read about Mechanics of Materials with a glass of water. And you tell to yourself: Yes! i'm outta there!
  • Learning why I love the cab ride back home... it's just sooo quiet! All the noise stopped all of a sudden.
  • Learning how having coconut lemonades, french fries and mustard in a balcony with your two best friends is a perfectly ok and enough celebration for finishing your semester.
  • Thanking this friend of yours that introduced you to this french boulangerie located apart on the highest hill of the neighborhood, and go there with three people to chat and have coffee with strawberry and kiwi desserts.
  • Loving the fact that a friday night can perfectly be a pancakes night, or fondue night.
  • Secretly enjoying the hidden art of yes, cleaning my room.
  • Including museums in the list of funny things to do.
  • If you go to New York City for a day, make it a train day.
  • Aimless rides in the subway and discover new places? Where do I sign?
  • Coffee everywhere, of all kinds, with some friends or alone is awesome.
  • Feeling free to go to the movies with or without company. Not feeling the weird rope holding you back because you are alone!
  • Sometimes I go to a party and the best part of it is the bus ride, and all the people and landscapes I get to see.
  • Painting your room with colors you had not explored before
  • Going crazy in the mall where they sell apartment stuff. You start designing in your mind!
  • Spending hours looking for the best quote to frame it and put in on your wall.
  • turning off the television to yes, read a book.
  • Continuum Mechanics and Advanced Ecology can also be light reading material. If it's not you who decides what is light or not, then who has the right? (If you find that right granter, let me know)
  • A conversation for me is like driving a car. I need gears! If it's chitchat, it's like driving on a highway at 10mph.
  • I'm a lover of mature ideas. I hate social clichés and shallow assumptions.
  • I like it mind to mind and not mouth to mouth
  • I like fantasy, spiritual contemplation, artistic creation and wilderness exploration.
  • For every serious sentence starting with "You have to", I'm expecting a logical, sound, assumption-free perspective on the issue. If not, I'll keep nodding while thinking in something else that does tickle my mind.
  • Looking at the clouds
  • Taking the longest path to go to the bank (If I have time) while listening to music. Then stopping for a refreshing beverage.
  • ...

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