Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm a Mastermind! (INTJ)

So this is my personality profile. Turns out that I'm an INTJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging) aka: The Mastermind! 

This is a form of the worldwide known and thoroughly studied MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator (If this was hogwash I wouldn't do it) . 

I pretty much agree with the results (Not like the Goal 5 one which was a bit inaccurate). I think it is definitely worth it to take the test and read more about our personality types. However, it is vital to note that the intention of the test is not to establish a series of strict labels and pigeonholes in order to justify certain kind of behavior (I am just paraphrasing what I have read on the books written after this method). 

In a nutshell, this is the way it works:
-After you take the test you get 4 letters

-The first letter is about how you replenish your energy and you can get an E if you are an Extrovert (you're energized by interaction), or an I if you are an Introvert (energized by ideas).  

-The second letter is about how you take in information. Letter S stands for Sensing and this means you focus on individual facts and details before seeing underlying patterns or whole concepts. Letter N stands for iNtuition and this means that you focus on what facts mean and how they fit together; paying more attention to implications, possibilities, and relationships between ideas than to facts and details alone. 

-The third letter is about decision making. Letter T means Thinking (focus more on logic and analysis), while letter F means Feeling (focus more on personal values and effects).

-Last but not least is the letter that talks about how you deal with the external world. Letter J means Judging (not literally means you are judgmental) and it's the kind of person that organize their worlds, likes to complete tasks and dislike ambiguity (Just do something!). Letter P means Perceiving and it's the kind of person that is more flexible and become frustrated with closure, rules and routines. They tend do leave things to the last minute sometimes.

Important: Everybody has amounts of these letters, but within each of the four groups one is clearly dominant. All words are equally good. 

Don't forget to make your guess before taking the test!

This is my badge:

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You can take the test clicking here! 
(Free, yes-no questions, straightforward, no account sign up required)

PD: The badge embedded in this post is from the test version in this website.
You can do it for free as well in this other site, but you will need to create a (painless) account, or login with your Facebook account. Results will pretty much be the same it's only worth it if you really want the fancy badge I posted.

Thanks for reading. I wish you a happy introspection time!


Any thoughts?

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